Mary Lyon: up with liberalism
by Christine Grail & Pamela Cuellar

Clever, versatile and a can-do woman, that's Mary Lyon. She's a pillar, of the Los Angeles community. She's a beacon on the recycling front. She reared two progressive, involved and intelligent children. She broke down barriers for women in Los Angeles radio. Her views on politics, parenting and the Roman Catholic Church reveal remarkable insight and passion. MORE...

The Color of Healing and Renewal

by Jessica Valentine

Tiny, bright blue dots with buzzing wings reflect off a peaceful pond in the twilight, while orange and opal fairy-like creatures come to greet them for a dance in nature's nightlife. This really isn't a fairyland and those creatures aren't figments of the imagination. They are the mystifying dragonflies which have come to prosper in Mary Lyon's new habitat: her green home. MORE...

Mary talks about doing what is affordable and many simple things are possible. Mary talks about how she has comforts of living and she has given up nothing to go green. You do not need to be the weird neighbor to be green. In fact a high end realtor was educated by Mary on green can be incorporated into luxury. We also explore solar and what we can do to make it happen in southern states where solar energy is possible. It is not uncommon for Mary to instruct people about a natural lifestyle as her son's Boy Scout Troup will attest to.


Mary Lyon is a veteran broadcaster and five-time Golden Mike Award winner who has anchored, reported, and written for the Associated Press Radio Network, NBC Radio "The Source," and many Los Angeles-area stations including KRTH-FM/AM, KLOS-FM, KFWB-AM, and KTLA-TV, and occasional media analyst for ABC Radio News.  Mary began her career as a liberal activist with the Student Coalition for Humphrey / Muskie in 1968 and helped spearhead a regional campaign, The Power 18, to win the right to vote for 18-year-olds. She remains an advocate for liberal causes, responsibility and accountability in media, environmental education and support of the arts for children, and green living. Mary writes for,, World News Trust, and's We! Magazine. Mary is also a parenting expert, having written and illustrated the book "The Frazzled Working Woman's Practical Guide to Motherhood."

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